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  • Microstructural and Morphological Effects on Charge Storage Properties in MnO2-Carbon Nanofibers Based SupercapacitorsO. Ghodbane, L. Coustan, A. Patru, F. Favier, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 160 (11) A1-A7 (2013)
  • Self-standing electrochemical double layer capacitors for operation in severe temperature conditionsC. Lecoeur, B. Daffos, R. Lin, L. Divay, P. Le Barny, M.P. Thi, P.L. Taberna, P. Simon, Mater. Renew. Sustain. Energy, 2(2), 1-7, 2013
  • Gel-Based Activated Carbon Electrode For SupercapacitorsV. Jouille, C. Galindo, M. Paté, P. Le Barny, M.P. Thi, ECS Trans. 2013 50(43): 53-58